The Innovative Public Education program seeks to support innovative public schools in the development and implementation of new educational solutions in order to advance the quality of their teaching and learning processes.

Support to networks

Inspirare offers support to education networks that wish to implement or qualify innovation programs in the fields of holistic education and technology use. Its objective is to support municipal and state education departments who seek teaching and management practices which are more in line with the demands of contemporary society and the interests and needs of 21st century students. This support begins with demands brought by the education network itself, promoting its comprehensive involvement in the building of new solutions. The process starts with an analysis of the current situation and needs of the education department, which receives technical and financial support to develop and implement innovative policies and programs. Then, the proposed solutions are evaluated and redesigned (where necessary) for optimal performance and impact. Finally, Inspirare publishes and shares these innovations so they may benefit other networks. Currently, Inspirare supports the education departments of the states of Bahia and São Paulo, as well as the municipality of Salvador.

Solutions for networks

Inspirare also contributes to the creation and diffusion of innovations designed to solve some of the main challenges faced by Brazilian education, always with a view to generate concrete results in the holistic learning and development of the students. These solutions are created based on surveys and processes of co-creation that involve partners and collaborators from different fields of expertise. Once they have been developed, trial versions of the innovations are implemented, with a view to receiving feedback from users. When they are well received, they are disseminated on a large scale, always alongside training activities for technicians and educators in order to guarantee the quality of service provided.

Inspirare and its partners have so far developed three educational innovation projects:

Ensino Fundamental 2.0 (Primary school 2.0) seeks to put together a series of solutions to inspire Brazilian education networks and schools to redesign the second stage of primary schooling (Ensino Fundamental II, years 6 to 9) so that it may make more sense to teenagers and be able to prepare them for secondary school and the rest of their lives.

Na Prática (The Guide to Holistic Education in Practice), developed together with the Reference Center in Holistic Education, supports managers and technical teams in the development, implementation and evaluation of holistic education programs.

Escola Digital (Digital School), created in partnership with Instituto Natura and Fundación Telefónica-Vivo, is a search tool that gathers over 4,500 pieces of digital content selected to support learning inside and outside of the classroom. The platform can also be customized by education networks to reflect their own curricula and visual identities.


Innovative Public Education also participates in movements and workgroups that look to inspire public policies and create the conditions for new educational innovations to arise. Advocacy strategies stem from a mapping of the national context of education in Brazil, as well as its demands and opportunities to present innovative practices. The principal causes currently defended by Inspirare are:

The creation of a Basic National Curriculum – a set of necessary abilities and knowledge that every Brazilian student must learn at each stage of basic education. This curriculum should be focused on 21st century skills, with a view to preparing students to realize their own life plans and help Brazil achieve its own national project.

The connectivity of Brazilian schools to high-speed internet. This project, carried out in partnership with the Lemann Foundation, the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS) and mobilization network Nossas Cidades, involves the building and dissemination of a Technical Plan to make the project viable, as well as an online campaign (found at to mobilize society around the cause.

The debate about Basic Teachers Training, by way of the production and dissemination of references that raise the awareness of educational leaders and the Brazilian public and promote discussions about the topic.

The creation of the Centro de Inovação em Educação (Center of Innovation in Education) to act as a development agency for educational innovations in Brazil. The project has been built in partnership with several governmental and non-governmental organizations, among them the Brazilian Ministry of Education, the Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP), Instituto Natura and Fundación Telefónica-Vivo, with the support of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Furthermore, Inspirare contributed to the development of Cenários Transformadores para a Educação Básica no Brasil em 2032 (Transformative Scenarios for Basic Education in Brazil in 2032), a project put together by a team of Brazilians in the field of education, including social movements, government, international organizations, opinion leaders, corporate institutes and foundations, trade unions, teachers, principals, academics (professors and researchers), parents and students, among others. These actors are leaders in the field of education and are wholeheartedly involved and committed to its improvement in Brazil. The project created stories that deal with the future of Basic Education in Brazil. The chosen scenarios are relevant, thought-provoking, plausible and clear, contributing to the public debate on the issue.