Porvir organizes Série de Diálogos about Digital Learning Objects in partnership with Instituto Natura, Instituto Educadigital, TICeduca and São Paulo State Education Department. At that time, the platform Escola Digital was launched


Inspirare conducts the Seminário de Educação Integral, in Salvador City, in partnership with CIPÓ – Comunicação Interativa,  Bahia State Education Department and Salvador City Education Department


Educação Pública Inovadora starts diagnosis about education in São Miguel dos Campos City, in partnership with Local Education Department, Avante Educação e Mobilização Social, Instituto Camargo Corrêa and Grupo Vetor Brasil


Iniciativas Empreendedoras Program participates in discussions of Força Tarefa em Finanças Sociais, a group leaded by the Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE) and Centro de Sustentabilidade da FGV (GVCes)

Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho organizes Bairro-Escola na Praça’s second edition during the event I Festival da Primavera de Salvador

Porvir conducts Série de Diálogos about Trends in Education with journalists and comunnicators in Salvador City


Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho promotes Bairro-Escola na Praça’first edition, and launched the Carta de Princípios

Porvir organizes Série de Diálogos about Holistic Education, in partnership with Instituto Natura and Centro de Referências em Educação Integral


Educação Pública Inovadora starts the Programa de Formação de Profissionais de Educação: Integração Escola Comunidade, in partnership with Bahia State Education Department and Cipó – Comunicação Interativa


Inspirare becomes a member of ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs), global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Inspirare e Porvir organizate Série de Diálogos about Social Business in Education, in partnership with Potencia Ventures, and lauch the Study about Opportunities in Education for Business Geared for Low-Income People in Brazil


Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho begins the Programa de Formação Continuada em Educação Integral (Continuing Training Program in Holistic Education), in partnership with Associação Cidade Escola Aprendiz, CIPÓ – Comunicação Interativa, Instituto Chapada de Educação e Pesquisa (ICEP) and with the support of the State and Local Education departments


Inspirare and Porvir organize Transformar 2013 in partnership with Fundação Lemann


Iniciativas Empreendedoras begins a partnership with Artemisia in the Choice and Aceleradora de Impacto programs


Porvir conducts Série de Diálogos with the Mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, and the Municipal Secretary of Education, Cesar Callegari, in partnership with Todos pela Educação



Launch of Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho with community event


The First Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho Seminar gathers the community to start developing a local educational plan


Porvir conducts Série de Diálogos about Technologies in Education, in partnership with the Telefônica Foundation  (link for article blog)

Iniciativas Empreendedoras starts the the business acceleration for Catraca Livre


Porvir conducts Série de Diálogos with Ricardo Paes de Barros, in partnership with the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation


The Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho program begins its activities with the mapping of stakeholders and active citizens in the neighborhood, in partnership with  Associação Cidade Escola Aprendiz e CIPÓ - Comunicação Interativa

Iniciativas Empreendedoras starts the business acceleration for “Quadrado Mágico“ (Magic Square)

June/ 2012

Porvir conducts first round of dialogues of the Series “The Future you learn”, with Education Minister Aloizio Mercadante

May/ 2012

The Iniciativas Empreendedoras program begins its activities with the business acceleration of Geekie


Launching of the Porvir website

February/ 2012

Inspirare starts its activities with the development of the Porvir


September, 26th 2011

Institute Inspirare is created by Gradin’s family