The Enterprise Initiatives Program encourages, strengthens and coordinates social businesses that propose innovative solutions to improve the quality and equality of educational opportunities in Brazil.

Strengthening of the Ecosystem

Inspirare understands social businesses as being ethical, innovative and economically sustainable ventures with high potential for large-scale transformation, especially for the populations with least access to quality public services. Although the sector is expanding in Brazil, the number of initiatives focusing on education is still modest. To change this, the Enterprise Initiatives Program looks to collaborate with those involved in this ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, accelerators, incubators, investors and other sources of funding.

The Program contributes by producing knowledge of the field and ensuring its dissemination through media, partnerships, lectures and workshops. In recent years, Inspirare and its partners have published a series of studies about the sector, such as: Opportunities in the education sector for businesses focused on low-income populations, Social businesses – from the structure of a start-up company to its approximation with public authorities and Impact entrepreneurs – the good and the bad of innovating in education.

Potential entrepreneurs are mobilized by way of support from non-profit organization Artemisia’s Movimento Choice, which interacts with a network of over 50,000 young students spread across Brazil and encourages them to pursue a career in the sector. Inspirare also invests in the creation of mechanisms to evaluate the impact of businesses in the education sector, with a view to generating evidence about the contribution of these ventures to the engagement, learning and integral development of students.

The Enterprise Initiatives Program also looks to contribute to overcoming political, legal and financial barriers that compromise the success of social businesses in the education sector. To this end, the program participates in discussions and political advocacy forums.

Support for Businesses in the Education Sector

The Enterprise Initiatives Program offers direct support to businesses in the education sector by way of its Apreender – empreender na aprendizagem platform, which provides a series of relevant information and tools to support the entrepreneur’s journey and connect them to their peers, education professionals and potential investors. It also holds live activities about the market of social businesses in the education sector and leading trends in innovation.

The program also seeks to give a platform to promising businesses, as well as giving the opportunity for their solutions to be tested and evaluated in the areas in which Inspirare is active.