Porvir is a communication and social mobilization initiative that promotes the mapping, production, dissemination and exchange of references on innovations in education in order to inspire improvements in the quality of Brazilian education and encourage the media and society to understand and demand such innovations. Porvir’s goal is to inspire the creation of education policies, programs and investments. To achieve this, Porvir’s team works on four fronts:


Working as a news agency, Porvir produces daily content about trends and innovations transforming education in Brazil and around the world. As well as interesting and easily understandable articles, the portal also offers tips for educators, administrators and entrepreneurs, as well as references produced at Porvir events. The content is made available free on the website and for use by other media outlets.

In order to successfully map innovations in education around the world, Porvir is supported by an international network of volunteers known as Satellites. These Satellites are spread out over different states and countries and help identify people, projects, tools and ideas that deserve attention.

Face-to-face Mobilization

Porvir carries out several activities to mobilize decision makers and the general population about matters related to innovation in education.

Série de Diálogos: O Futuro se Aprende (Series of Dialogues: The Future is Learned) is a series of events that includes live conferences aiming to inspire and influence key interlocutors such as public officials, social investors, entrepreneurs, specialists and education professionals. The idea is that these moments of face-to-face interaction and debate will be propositional and generate a wealth of content, including proposals to improve Brazilian education. After the events, Porvir publishes the participants’ suggestions and the results are used to guide activities of other Inspirare programs.

Held annually in partnership with the Lemann Foundation and the Peninsula Institute, Transformar (Transform) is Brazil’s most relevant event in the field of innovation in education. It includes discussions about the most promising trends in the area as well as presentations of successful experiments that have transformed learning in Brazil and around the world. During the conference, specialists from all over the world interact with a diverse and qualified audience of around 800 people. The event is broadcast live on television and online, as well as being discussed on social media and in other media outlets.

Porvir’s team also participates in conferences and debates organized by other institutions, bringing systematized content and giving lectures about innovation in education.

Media mobilization

As well as making all of their content free for use and distribution through the most accommodating Creative Commons license, Porvir looks to collaborate with independent journalists and media outlets by offering guides, contacts, story ideas and partnerships for producing journalistic content about innovation in education. Examples of such collaborations include the monthly participation of Porvir journalists on the program Conexão Futura on educational television channel Canal Futura, and Porvir’s blog on culture website Catraca Livre.

The team also holds workshops for journalists about trends in education, as well as promoting informal conferences between renowned specialists in the field, with a view to enhancing knowledge and contributing to a more informed and in-depth coverage of the subject in the media.

Online mobilization

All content produced by Porvir is widely disseminated on the internet through the website itself, in newsletters and on social media (FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle+LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram), always looking to meet society’s demand for innovations in education in a way that is engaging and interactive.