Porvir is a communication and social mobilization initiative that promotes the production, dissemination and exchange of content related to educational innovations to inspire improvement in the quality of Brazilian education.

Content Production

Porvir works as a news agency, producing articles on a daily basis about trends and innovations that are transforming education in Brazil and worldwide. Content is available freely on the website www.porvir.org, including for use by other media outlets.

Porvir stays up-to-date with the most innovative ideas worldwide through the support of a network of Satellites – volunteer contributors from around the world who uncover people, projects, tools and ideas that deserve to be disseminated.

In the Garimpo section, the Porvir team gathers abstracts of relevant articles and articles published by more than 70 media sources nationally and internationally.

On-site mobilization

Porvir holds a series of actions to mobilize decision makers and the population in general on issues related to educational innovations. The Série de Diálogos O Futuro se Aprende (Dialogue Series: The Future Is Learned) program hosts face-to-face meetings to inspire and guide strategic stakeholders, such as governments, investors and social entrepreneurs, experts, educational managers and human resource professionals. The idea is to always make these events be a “time for proposals” and a place to generate rich content, generating suggestions to improve education in Brazil. Following the events, Porvir disseminates the suggestions that emerged through videos and newsletters.




Media mobilization

In addition to making all its content open to reproduction for free by means of the most open license of Creative Commons, Porvir also aims to collaborate with the media by offering sources, guidelines and partnership for the production of journalistic content about innovations in education.

In addition, Porvir holds informal meetings between journalists and leading experts in the field, aiming to increase knowledge of certain topics and thus enhance their coverage in the media.

The presence of these journalists is also guaranteed at all editions of  Série de Diálogos O Futuro Se Aprende (Dialogue Series: The Future Is Learned) as they are invited to discuss and comment on current issues, proposing ideas to solve the challenges facing Brazilian education.

Online mobilization

All content produced by Porvir is widely spread on the Internet, through its own website, electronic newsletter to social networks (FacebookTwitterYouTube e Google+), always seeking to empower society’s demand for educational innovations.